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Rich Brotherton first declared himself a producer in 1989 while working with his friend Ed Miller, a native of Scotland who was painting houses in Austin but really needed to make a record. A class in Electronic Music at the Colorado College and work in the school's recording studio (along with a a healthy dose of the naiveté of youth) convinced Rich that he knew all he needed to put together a record for Ed. Border Background was the first project to extensively feature Rich's playing, production and arranging.

More and more time in more and more studios around Austin afforded him the opportunity to learn and hone his craft. He has fond memories of area studios-gone-by - Jay Hudson's Hit Shack, the Fire Station in San Marcos, Wayne Gathright's Music Lane in all of its locations, many others...

In the intervening years he had to good fortune to find a number of wonderful creative artists who were willing to entrust their creations to him for help in bringing them to audio fruition. He has done production and arranging work for Robert Earl Keen, Caroline Herring, Leeann Atherton, Kris McKay, David Halley, the Barbers, Matt Harlan, Marc Gunn, Cluan, The Tea Merchants, Stephen Clair, and on and on.

Having had the opportunity to work with many recording greats over the years (Barry Beckett, Tony Brown, Ed Cherney, Justin Niebank, Stuart Sullivan...), Rich finally felt confident enough to hang out his own shingle. Ace Recording, a comfortable and productive recording space in South Austin, TX, was born.

While modest in size, Ace is large in sound. It affords a homey hang and, always, good coffee. A quality collection of front-end gear (mics and pre's) help to get good sounds into the big-time TDM Pro Tools rig - no double-o anything here. Good-sounding monitors make sure things come out the way you want them.

In addition to being able to get the sounds down right, Rich has a music degree and years of playing, arranging and producing experience. He has composed soundtrack music for several movies and commercials over the years. And he has a great ear.

If it's musical sounds you need, Ace Recording is the place to get 'em. Check us out.

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